Sunday is the only day Kyle and I have off together. He’s busy with work and going to school full time while I work a 9-5 Monday through Friday gig. Therefore, Sunday is typically spent running errands, cleaning, doing laundry, etc.. You know all that fun “adult stuff” and before we know it Monday rolls right back around. We hate that our day off together is consumed by chores and running around town. Oh the joys of growing up! With that being said, this particular Sunday we boycotted adulthood and decided we were going to be l-a-z-y humans ALL day.

Since Kyle got off work earlier than usual on Saturday it allowed us to get all our grocery shopping done for the week. Who knew Saturday evening is a great time to hit up Costco!? We were in and out in under 20 minutes! Woo! We then spent the remainder of the day finishing up some odds and ends at “the box” (aka our apartment). We were even able to sneak in a couple movies and I whipped up some baked goodies.

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Sunday rolled around as quick as usual. We slept in, took Rupert to the park, and made a nice hefty brunch. Breakfast is Kyle’s absolute favorite meal of the day, but since moving to Bend we found it rather frustrating to eat out for breakfast. We were spoiled back in LA with the endless vegan eateries. Up here there is literally one spot where we can grab a vegan dish. Not even worth the money or the wait. So, in that case we needed to get more creative in the kitchen and whip up some of our breakfast favorites!

Because we had just went grocery shopping we had more ingredients than usual to cook up a nice hearty dish. Usually, Sunday’s mean throwing together a breakfast with whatever leftover produce we have on hand. This Sunday we went alllll out with a loaded veggie, potato, and tofu scramble burrito (phew, that was long!) Oh and don’t forget about the strawberry chocolate chip Belgium waffles;). Kyle recently bought me a waffle maker and you betcha waffles have become a new Sunday staple in our little box! To make us feel ok with the fact that we were about to scarf down a not so healthy breakfast we started the day with a fresh pressed veggie and fruit juice! Kyle has sure become the master juice presser lately. I’ve been spoiled with yummy juices on the daily, I ain’t complaining :).


Our tummies are currently full and happy. You bet we are in a food induced coma and laying around! Even Rupert has been chillin’ beside us all afternoon. But hey, that’s how today was intended to be! We hope you’re doing just the same and spending some quality time with the ones you love most. Have a wonderful Sunday!



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